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The perfect partner

Whether you're a restaurant owner or taxi driver, use our reliable credit card readers to meet your payment needs with confidence. With more and more people now looking to pay by credit or debit card, our terminals – also known as PDQ or Chip and PIN machines – can help take your business to the next level.

Ways to take card payments


At the till

  • Fast, reliable & easy to use
  • Plug into your phone/broadband
  • Sleek, professional design
Portable card machine


Around your premises

  • Compact & easy to carry
  • 100m range via Bluetooth
  • Long-lasting battery
Portable card machine


On the go

  • Take payments anywhere
  • Robust & durable
  • Long-lasting battery

Compare our credit card readers


CountertopCard Reader

PortableCard Reader

MobileCard Reader

Visa, MasterCard
Apple Pay / Android Pay
High speed printing
PIN privacy shield
Splash resistant
Longlife battery
Charger base
Built-in SIM

CountertopChip and Pin


PortableChip and Pin


MobileChip and Pin


Why choose us

Easy install icon

Easy install

Our card machines come with plug and play technology, making it easy to get started.

Superfast setup icon

Superfast setup

We're the only provider that can set you up with a card machine in as little as 5 days.

24/7 UK-based support icon

24/7 support

Our dedicated team will help with your setup and provide ongoing support.

The power of many

The power of many

We harness the buying power of 60,000 small businesses to offer you great rates.

Credit card readers, explained

Features of card readers

Card readers take payment by one of two methods: Chip and PIN and contactless. Chip and PIN requires the customer to insert their card into the reader, which reads the card's internal chip. Once this happens the customer is prompted to enter their PIN number to authorise the transaction. Contactless is so named because the customer's card doesn't actually have to physically touch the card reader. Contactless card readers use NFC (Near Field Communication) or RFID (Radio-frequency Identification) technology to obtain a customer's details. Contactless payments have a limit of £30 per transaction and won't work beyond a distance of 4 centimetres.

Types of card reader

There are 3 types of card reader, each with different benefits for different business needs. Countertop card readers are solely for taking payments at the sales counter, and connect to the internet via ethernet cable. They are best suited for businesses operating from a fixed premises. Portable card readers (or Wireless) are portable allowing you to take payments from any location within a 100m range making them ideal for the hospitality industry. Mobile card-readers feature a built-in GPRS SIM which connects to the mobile phone network. If you work at festivals or events, you can take a mobile card reader with you to receive payments anywhere you can get a mobile signal.

Card reader costs

The monthly fees depend on factors such as the nature of your business, turnover and the type and number of card readers you choose (countertop, portable or mobile). Card processing fees are charged per transaction and vary based on card types (credit or debit). We don't charge any set-up fees as we want small business to thrive. We can also get you set up with a card reader in as little as three days. Find out about pricing by filling out our form online to receive a quote.

Made for switchers and new starters

New To Cards

Taking card payments can be daunting for first timers, especially with talk of merchant accounts and PCI compliance. Let us introduce you to the world of card processing, giving you everything you need to start accepting cards with confidence.

Find out more
Switching Provider icon

Switching Provider

If you're looking for lower rates than your current provider or better all-round service, we can help. Upgrade to an award-winning provider by switching and saving up to 40%. We'll even take care of your existing contract.

Find out more

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a difference between a credit card reader and a PDQ machine?

No. You can use either terms when referring to a machine that accepts and processes card payments. Other terms used are 'card terminal', 'card machine' and 'Chip and PIN machine'.

How many different types of card reader machines are available?

There are three types of readers: Countertop, Portable and Mobile. Countertop readers are normally positioned at the sales counter. These devices are reliable and secure and perfect for merchants with fixed premises like shops and bars. Portable machines allow you to accept card payments anywhere within 100m of your till or EPoS. This light, compact device connects to your system with Bluetooth and is great for table-service at restaurants. Mobile card readers offer even more freedom using a secure wireless network, which is perfect if you travel around.

How long does it take to deliver?

With our superfast setup, we get a card reader machine to you within 5 days of your merchant account approval. That's faster than other providers, who sometimes take weeks to deliver.

Can I set up the terminal myself?

Once your terminal is with you, simply take the device from the box and switch it on. Follow the onscreen instruction and you'll be up and running in a few minutes. It's really that easy. You can always call our friendly team if you have any questions.

What types of cards can I accept?

You're covered for all major credit and debit cards, including Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and American Express. After all, customers expect card readers to be compatible with every card type.

Can I accept Contactless card payments?

Yes. Contactless payments have become more popular in recent years. That's why our card reader machines have built-in Contactless, Apple Pay and Android Pay, so everyone's happy.

What happens if my card terminal breaks?

Just call us. We'll try and sort the problem out over the phone. However, if we can't fix the issue, we'll send you a brand new PDQ machine within 48 hours.

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