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integrated payments

The next evolution of card payments

Discover the world of integrated payments with Connect by Paymentsense

Call us FREE: 0800 044 3552
or call us Free: 0800 044 3552
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What are integrated payments?

A faster and smarter way to take payment

In a world where most businesses depend on the ability to accept cards, integrated payments provides the missing link between card payment processing and the EPoS system, leading to improved reporting and transactional operations. It brings an interconnectivity that wasn’t there before.

Typically, integrated payments has been expensive and complex, keeping it within the territory of big businesses. That’s why we’ve built Connect™ the simple and affordable integrated payment solution made specifically for small and medium-sized businesses.

Welcome to Connect

Unlocking the power of integrated payments for SMEs

Connect is our revolutionary cloud-based technology that creates a seamless link between card processing and the EPoS system. With data flowing between the devices, Connect can help to boost profits, save time and improve the customer experience.

boost profits

Eliminate miskeyed transactions and the need to write off hard-earned revenue.

Increase staff efficiency

Save valuable time with quicker transactions and speedy reconciliation.

Improve customer experience

Cut queues and turn tables up to 4x faster for a frictionless end-to-end experience.

Easy to SET UP and use

Install and update automatically, no additional hardware or software required.

Pay at Counter

For businesses taking payments at the counter

Our Connect Pay at Counter option is designed specifically for retail shops, hairdressers, cafés and other businesses taking payments at the sales counter. Pay at Counter enables staff to cut queues, eliminate mis-keying and prevent costly human error.

  1. Key in the order on the EPoS
  2. Total appears on the Card Machine
  3. Cardholder makes payment
  4. No mis-keying or costly errors

Pay at Table

For businesses taking payments at the table

Our Connect Pay at Table option is made specially for restaurants, bars, diners and other businesses taking payments at the table. Pay at Table empowers restaurant staff to turn tables up to 4x faster, increase efficiency and improve the customer experience.

  1. Print the bill from the Card Machine
  2. Split the bill by person or amount
  3. Process cash & card at the table
  4. Close the table with the Card Machine

Get more with Connect

Connect comes with a host of added benefits for merchants


Card Machines come preconfigured to work automatically with your EPoS system.


Specialist Connect Support team in addition to our 24/7 Customer Support.


Links multiple Card Machines and EPoS systems for maximum flexibility.


Creates a multi-channel experience with our online and over-the-phone solutions.


Updates automatically without you lifting a finger, together with zero downtime.


Works with most EPoS system makes and models, with new providers added regularly.

Get Connected

Speak to our expert team and find out how Connect can boost your business.

Call us FREE: 0800 044 3552
or call us Free: 0800 044 3552

Are you an EPoS provider?

Unlock the full potential of your EPoS and bring more value to your business

Call us FREE: 0800 103 2787
or call us Free: 0800 103 2787


Find answers to your questions about integrated payments.

What are the advantages of integrated payments?

Connect is a cloud-based solution that creates a secure link between your Card Machines and your EPoS system, allowing you to boost profits, improve the customer experience and save time.

How does my Card Machine connect to my EPoS system?

Connect uses cloud-based technology to create a seamless and secure link between your Card Machine and your EPoS system. Once the link is established, the Card Machine can send data back to the EPoS, preventing the need for manual data entry and eliminating costly human error.

How quickly can I get setup with integrated payments?

At Paymentsense, we can get you setup with a Card Machine in as little as 5 days and have you taking payments within minutes of receiving it. With Connect, it’s exactly the same. There will be no downtime and no lost sales during the setup process either.

Do I need to install integrated payments myself?

Our Card Machines come preconfigured to work with a Connect-enabled EPoS so there’s no install necessary. Simply plug it in and it will automatically find your EPoS system before establishing a secure connection.

Do I need to change my EPoS or buy new hardware/software?

With Connect, we’ve integrated with most EPoS providers and are partnering with more everyday. This means if you have an EPoS system, we’ve probably integrated with your provider, and if not, let us know and we’ll reach out to get them on board.

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