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16 agents available
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The simple way to measure success

Track your business growth anytime, anyplace with the help of our Performance Reports. As well as weekly reports, you can access key numbers quickly and easily – perfect for those off-the-cuff meetings.

Always stay on top of business

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Get weekly email reports

Check performance at a glance with snapshots of vital card payment information.

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Track your transactions

Track weekly sales figures for a clear indication of business performance.

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Make smarter choices

Use the insight from your reports to make more informed business decisions.

Your Performance
Reports explained

total sales

See your
total sales

Your total weekly sales figures are a good gauge of your business performance.


View total transactions

Check frequency of card payments and take advantage with your card machine.

online dashboard

Monitor average spend

Track customer spending habits and see the impact of special offers or price changes.

highest transactions

Record highest transaction

Note your highest weekly transaction to reward staff or flag fraudulent transactions.

online dashboard

Keep count of new customers

Follow growth of new customers to see how well marketing and promotions are working.

total refunds

Track total

Monitor your weekly refunds to identify faulty products and keep track of human error.

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Why choose us

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Easy install

Our card machines come with plug and play technology, making it easy to get started.

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Superfast setup

We're the only provider that can set you up with a card machine in as little as 5 days

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24/7 support

Our dedicated team will help with your setup and provide ongoing support

The power of many

The power of many

We harness the buying power of 60,000 small businesses to offer you great rates.

Explore our extras

Card Payment

Stay safe and sound with the highest level of security around.

Till Roll

Never run out of till roll again with our automated delivery service.


Meet the requirements for card payment security quickly and simply.

Frequently asked questions

How do reports work?

By using data from your merchant account, we can provide you with an accurate weekly snapshot of your credit and debit card payments.

What does the report contain?

The report is linked to a business dashboard, breaking down your takings by total, including highest and average transactions. The report also shows additional info like the number of new customers and refunds completed to give you the full picture on your card payments.

Where can I view my report?

Weekly reports are delivered to your email address. You can open and view it on any computer, smartphone or tablet using any internet browser.

When do I receive my first report?

Your first report will be sent to you one week after your first card payment transaction is made. Subsequent reports are delivered every Tuesday at around 9am.

How do I get Performance Reports?

Performance Reports are an additional feature that can be added to your existing merchant services at any time. New customers can set up reports when they join, existing customers can add the service to their account by contacting their account manager.

Can I get reports for more than one business?

Yes. We can set up reports for multiple business premises so that you can track your card payments for different locations.

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